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Skin foam

Foam skin is characterized by its open to the heart of the matter cells and closed cell periphery forming a real skin.

Generally present in conventional applications of wheel type gear knob, dashboard, or armrest, we also use it to make a real aesthetic value and comfort to the technical documents.

We thus present for over 20 years in all cockpits of Airbus aircraft (A300, A320, A340, A400M, A380, ATR ...) for making skins tops furniture, ceiling lights, shields, bordurages of pylon, ...

Thanks to our laboratory, we have created thirty different formulations in terms of flexibility, density, strength, fire resistance (FAR 25 853B; ABD0031; ATS1000, ...), withstand UV, color, ...

Our silicone molding technology allows us to produce the most complex projects and the reproduction of the finest details. Full and partial integration of structures (metal, composite, wood ...) in the foam is our specialty and our body shop strengthens our responsiveness in managing your projects.

Our skin foams can be dyed and receive a painting (mold base or recovery) to meet your requirements. We countertyped your colors from a sample or a master and thus reproduce colors of leather or imitations make aluminum.

In terms of appearance, the skin foams associated with our silicone molds allow the reproduction virtually limitless your surface states (grain leather grain painting, faux wood, aluminum, faux stitching, logo ...)

Finally, we have developed and patented a special process combining a skin foam for comfort and appearance with a rigid foam to replace traditional steel or composite structures. This material bi complex specially developed for the Airbus A380 for the sake of economy and gain mass, now attracting many customers and provides ideal solutions as soon as the technical constraints (difficult to achieve complex shapes in another technology), mass or economic constraints are your priorities.

Armrest Driver Bi-Color


Dashboard of car

Knob speed


Inside truck

Hospital room