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The dual component complex (rigid foam + soft foam)

Most of the interior trim of the cockpit of the A380 parts are designed according to this principle by Portelli Productions.

The rigid foam is used in alternative traditional composite structural parts (NIDA) or sheet metal. More room structure is complex and voluminous, the use of a more rigid foam becomes interesting.

The consultants have then just focus on the attachment points and the rest of the room volume is achieved by molding. This optimizes the costs of designing and implementing complex and traditional pieces requiring high added value and provides a real constant by dimensional molding that allows them to produce identical parts.

Foam skin that we put in our recovery room rigid foam acts finish. Depending on the need and comfort level desired, the thickness of soft foam ranges from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. All the advantages of molding foam skins are preserved and allow us to deliver parts "ready to assemble".

The last advantage of this dual complex matter is that it is 100% made ​​by our company which greatly simplifies the problems of logistics and supply. Finally, the offer is complete, we also provide additional services in order to deliver the most advanced possible product (equipment mounting, special paint ...).

Bench Bi-Material
(rigid foam + soft foam)