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Product manufacturing

Portelli Productions accompanies you throughout your project, provides you with technical support in support of its quality teams, methods and research and development.
Completely autonomous, Portelli Productions can make your products from a plane, a 3D file or a standard room. Belonging to Portelli Group is a real strength because it finds all the actors of the industrial chain:
service prototype / mockup service design and production of molding tools service processing silicones service polyurethane formulation / testing laboratory general service and mechanical thin sheet to achieve the internal structures service Development and Production service marking pad
This full integration facilitates trade, optimizes time and simplifies the management of projects for our clients.
Portelli Productions transforms all types of polyurethane foam: soft foam skin effect, rigid foam, high resilience foam, RIM, low pressure and bi elastomeric foam material rigid foam skin + complex.

Products made ​​by Portelli Productions generally meet high aesthetic criteria (passenger vehicle, aircraft cockpit equipment for aircraft cabin seating, furniture, spa ...) and specific functional requirements (strength, light weight, fire resistance, UV ...) resistance.

The mold parts can be done with or without the possibility of structures and coloration (in mass or paint) is almost without limit.